The History of Shutout Pizza

It started small...

From 2010 to 2014, during the college soccer season, Tuesday nights in Athens, GA meant a meeting for the UGA defenders. The players and coaches would do a video review of the weekend's games. If the team had recorded a shutout that weekend, the group would celebrate with some pizza. It soon became known as Shutout Pizza (TM). 

And then this happened...

The story of Georgia's pizza nights was featured in the book Shutout Pizza (TM) by Coach Dan Blank. The book was  released in the spring of 2015. That fall, Claudio Ranieri introduced shutout pizza to inspire his Leicester City team. 

Early in the Premier League season, Leicester was winning games, but they were hemorrhaging goals. Ranieri begged his boys for shutouts, but the shutouts weren’t coming. So before a match against Crystal Palace, Ranieri told his players that if they notched a clean sheet that day, he would take them out for pizza. Sure enough, in their eighth Premier League match, LCFC finally delivered its first shutout of the championship campaign. No shutouts before the pizza. Fifteen after it. Leicester City, 5000-1 underdogs, won the most remarkable title in Premier League history, and Shutout Pizza (TM) had gone global.

And now this...

Party Time

Shutout Pizza (TM) the book gave rise to Shutout Pizza (TM) the movement - the movement to recognize and reward the efforts of an entire team to keep opponents out of the goal. 

Add your team as a Shutout Pizza (TM) member club and your team will be automatically entered to win a free Shutout Pizza (TM) party thrown by  coach Dan Blank.